About BRG

Blue Ridge Gathering is an annual event of many car enthusiasts that were brought together by the l♥ve of the 3000GT and Stealth. While the 3/S platform is our common denominator, we are a group of people that welcome all breed of car, truck or motorcycle. We have attendees that have been around since the first BRG and attendees that will make this year their first. We have people that travel from as far away as California, Texas, PA, NY, Illinois and of course the South East! BRG has moved locations over the years and some of us have changed platforms, but our destination has always been the same: Deal's Gap; 318 turns within 11 miles.

For a successful Dragon/Skyway Run

Make sure your car is prepared! Bleed your brakes/add new brake fluid, make sure all your lug nuts are properly torqued and bald tires need not apply! Drive aware and defensively. Do not exceed you or your car's limits.


Cherohala Skyway Map
Cherohala/Dragon 120 Mile Loop Map
Tail of the Dragon Map
TOTD Popular LEO Radar Traps
Tail of the Dragon Deaths

Expected Behavior

Something that shouldn't have to be instructed, but I will expect our group to be courteous, appropriate and obey all laws and resort rules. We all want to have fun, but be respectful of those around you. If you do something that needs repremanding or threatens our group continuing to have/enjoy the event, you will be asked to leave. No refunds.

Fear the Double Yellow

US129 is a public road that splits Tennessee and North Carolina. It is patrolled by police (LEOs) and photographers. You will be expected to obey the laws of both states or run the risk of being fined and called out online. The 316 turns of the Dragon, as well as the Cherohala have many blind, tight and guardrail-less turns. You may not see the opposing traffic until it is too late. The goal is to have fun, but not at the risk of your safety or the safety of others. Do NOT cross the double yellow.

Be Kind!